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Napa Pinot for a change?

Napa grown pinot grames transformed into a tasty wine at Blue Oak Vineyards.
Blue Oak Pinot Noir 2021

Many Napa vineyards are challenged by much warmer climate in comparison with Sonoma to produce great Pinot Noir wines which are made from local Napa grapes. This particular varietal likes cooler weather, morning fog and ocean breeze. One of very few appellation in Napa with this type of weather is Coombsville AVA.

One of very few wineries in Coombsville are to produce awesome Pinot Noir in small batches is Blue Oak Vineyards. Production of this tasty Pinot is around 50 cases a year.

2021 Blue Oak Pinot Noir has an amazing nose of black cherries, raspberries and does have a fruity flavor and a medium to light body. This is a perfect combination for wine enjoyment on a hot day whether you are soaking by the pool or just relaxing on your porch while reading a book.

It would pair amazingly with all sorts of dishes including: juicy filet mignon steak or tomato basil pasta. Well any game dishes, pork, stew, quail or my personal favorite crispy duck. Please do not hold me to it, everyone have different pallet, therefore grab a bottle and explore what would be your favorite dish to be accompanied by this amazing wine.

Of course this is not the only Pinot Noir wine in Napa, but it is definitely worth for you to try.

When contacting Blue Oak Vineyards ask for Mike and schedule your private wine tasting experience with him. Be ready to try their other tasty wines including Red Blend and their signature Merlot. Don't forget we can plan your visit and drive you to the vineyard for your wine tastings experience, awesome stop during your private limo wine tour. Book now at

Visit or Call Mike Ramirez at (707) 291-3671

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